Predicted Fabriwall trends for 2020

Fabriwall is something that will never go out of style because it is such a diverse product. It is suitable for nearly any surface and has the potential to recreate your space with a beautiful design that you choose to have printed onto it.

We’ve seen many interior design trends come and go with our Fabriwall and we’re excited to see what 2020 has in store. The interior design industry, in general, is loosening up and embracing nostalgia, and we’ve seen interiors today representing the union between timeless design and youthful innovation, depth, and creativity.

Here are some of the styles we think will be making a re-appearance in 2020:

Big, bold & lively prints

This style has been a big hit this 2019 and with all our clients loving this style, we guarantee it is here to stay the duration of 2020! There is no need to feel afraid when lining your walls with something that’s beautiful and vibrant – it’s a guaranteed mood booster!

Textured & tonal prints

This is a style we haven’t seen much of in 2019 but we predict it will make more of an appearance in 2020, specifically in the commercial interior spaces.

Self-made mural prints

We’re seeing a steady increase of artists and illustrators who become resellers of our Fabriwall product. They print their unique murals and illustrations onto Fabriwall and onto a host of our other interior decor products and resell their artwork on these finished products to their customers.

Botanic prints

The jungle trend is not yet finished! While vibrant designs seem to be a key trend for 2020, we hope to see more of the softer botanical prints being utilised in more intimate interior spaces such as the bedroom or living room.

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