Meet our small yet highly impactful branded Supporters Chairs

Our all-new Supporters Chairs didn’t take long to become yet another one of our popular branded promotional products. This functional portable branding product is a must-have for any outdoor sporting event such as school cricket days, or sports days. With a print/design of your choice, your customer can relax in style!

Here’s why we love them:

  1. They are light and convenient to carry around and dismantle into two pieces and fit perfectly into a small over-the-shoulder carry bag making them incredibly convenient to cart around to outdoor sporting events.
  2. They are made from a high-quality wooden frame that can hold a heavyweight*
  3. They are unbelievably comfortable to relax on.
  4. They are best suited with additional promotional branding products such as our custom printed fold-up picnic blankets
  5. Suited for both outdoor and indoor purposes.

All-new fold up Picnic Blanket & Supporters Chair display
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