Flags built to last. Some tips to keep your flags in good shape

Each flag/banner printed and manufactured at our factory is done so to ensure they display your brand as effectively as possible. The variety of flags we produce are intended to last, but how long they last is something that’s up to you.

We’ve spent 28 years perfecting our flags and have created patented products such as our Double Tension flag, which we believe is the most effective branding product currently available!

With all this being said, let’s dive straight into some tips to help you ensure your flags last as long as possible

Your flags are made to move

A flag is a flag and their sole purpose is to display branding whilst moving around in the wind. Unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever and it’s important to understand that anything that moves will eventually wear down.

Luckily, we’ve created an outstanding Double Tension flag, which holds your print tight and displays it at all times, even when moving around in the wind. Click here to check it out.

Here are some other handy tips you should adhere to so that your flags remain in good condition:

Taking care of your branded flags is what will make them last as long as they should.

  1. Set up flags correctly -make sure they’re knocked into the ground properly and that the skin is slipped on correctly.
  2. Try to avoid abnormal weather conditions like extremely windy days.
  3. Wash them if necessary – cold hand wash would be best.
  4. Store flags into bags provided – make sure that the flags are completely dry before packing them away.
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