Decor Flash Deals

Flash deals that you cannot miss out on! For the month of August, we’ll be running weekly flash deals focusing on some of our favourite products. These deals will only be discounted for the week that they are on special so you will have to act quickly if you would like to make a purchase.

We’ve decided to discount our ever-popular Block Mounts for the first week of flash deals for this month. We have 3 different themes available for you to choose from with a variety of different prints available for each. See below for a snippet of each theme.

These gorgeous Nguni photographs capture tradition in more ways than one. We’ve captured them perfectly in a diverse range of sepia-tone A2 Block Mounts available for you to choose from at a discounted rate.

Greenery prints will never go out of fashion, and we’re totally happy with that! Choose between a range of these gorgeous 60x40mm Block Mounts to bring a subtle hint of nature into your living space.

Add a subtle splash of subtle colour to your living space with one of these minimalistic line illustrations prints. These 60x40mm Block Mounts are the perfect combination of elegance and art.

Sneak peek of what’s to come

See below for a sneak peek on some of the products we will be focusing on for the next 2 weeks of flash deals. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep updated with our flash deal series.

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