Custom Printed Fabric

We have the ability to custom print any high-resolution design/artwork onto a fabric of your choice, provided it’s polyester-based. Your designs are in safe hands, our advanced printing technology ensures that everything that is printed is of superior quality. We also print onto a host of different polyester-based fabrics including crepe, chiffon, wovens, pongee, knits, and silk along with many others.

We can print roll-to-roll or panels.

Dye-Sublimation Printing Process

We use heat-press machinery to fully transfer your photo-quality print directly onto the chosen polyester-based fabric. Dye-sublimation printing gives an extremely good colourfast print that is penetrated into the fabric, ensuring that the colours remain vibrant if looked after correctly. Prints that are dye-sublimated cannot scratch or scuff off as they are permanently dyed into the fibres of the fabric.

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